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Updates to the Business Payback Process

Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 10 Oct 16

We recently updated the payment process for Kickfurther businesses.  This post is a step-by-step payment guide for businesses on Kickfurther.

1.  Login to your Kickfurther business account

2.  Click on "Make a Payback" from your account dashboard


3.  Click on "New Payback"


4.  Enter your sales per SKU since the beginning of your Co-Op and hit "Submit."  Kickfurther contracts center around the ownership of inventory, so it is essential to communicate inventory levels monthly with your payment submission.


5.  Based on the submitted SKU reporting, the amount due will auto-populate on the following page: 


Hit "Submit Payback" to pay what is auto populated or edit the entry to pay a subjective amount.

6.  The payment will process and be distributed to your buyers automatically within 3 business days.  

Feel free to email melissa@kickfurther.com if you have any questions or concerns.


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Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 10 Oct 16
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