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Kickfurther's 5 Core Values Explained by its CEO

Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 19 Oct 15



Every business needs to be organized around a set of core values that guide the decision-making of all members of the organization.  Kickfurther, as a marketplace, consists of the Buyers and the Brands that work together through Kickfurther to grow. Kickfurther was created around a set of core values that apply to all three parties: the Buyers, the Brands, and our team. On my very first day working at Kickfurther, these 5 Core Values were explained to me by our CEO, Sean De Clercq. 

 1. Own It

Buyers – When Buyers contribute to an Consignment Opportunity (Co-Op), they are assisting in purchasing inventory for the Brand. They contractually own the inventory through consignment but give the rights sell to the Brand. Once the inventory sells, Buyers receive their initial contribution plus the promised profit offered by the Brands. Buyers also own their success because they decide which Brands to contribute in based off of the information provided in the Consignment Opportunity. 

Brands – Owning the process is derived in creating the Co-Op. The business owner puts together the different sections of a Co-Op including their credibility, company details, etc. By doing so, these business owners are owning their intial presentation to our community. Their Co-Op is a true reflection of the business: the raise amount, the Co-Op term, and the profit Buyers recieve. Through Kickfurther, business owners have more control over finances and the future of their business. 

Kickfurther Team – We expect our team to own their role in the organization. As a start-up, there will always be more progress to be made. Sean explained how everyone is, "expected to be an exemplar of the brand and work our asses off to truly own it."


2. Make It Better

Buyers – When individuals take part on Kickfurther, they make it better for Brands. Buyers are lending capital to Brands that have been ignored by banks or cannot recieve adequate or fair loans elsewhere. As a crowd of individuals, Buyers show their support and help Brands in ways that no corporate lender ever could or even would. 

Brands – By using Kickfurther, Brands give individuals a chance to earn profits that were not available before. Brands create an opportunity to both their own customers and Kickfurther's community through providing them a unique and profitable way to have their money work for them.

Kickfurther Team – The Kickfurther team aims to making it better for everyone because we support the growth of Brands trapped by capital constraints as well as creating a new avenue for generating wealth for the Buyers. We want to improve, if not completely change, the landscape of financing product Brands. 


3. Working Together

Buyers – Sean advocates how, "Kickfurther offers are more than just lending; in that the individual has the opportunity and ability to work alongside Brands to accomplish common goals." Buyers help the Brands they partner with beyond solely lending them capital for inventory. On top of that, individuals will always have more power when the work together than they would individually. 

Brands – As a business on Kickfurther, they work with a community of Buyers who are committed to their success.  By giving the Kickfurther community access to their brand beyond what typically occurs during a regular retail exchange, these business owners can expect a long-term ally in growing their Brands.

Kickfurther Team – We are working together as team and everyone is aligned to "make it better." If you can help a team member make it better, that is part of your role at Kickfurther.


4. Everyone Wins

Buyers – The Buyers win when the inventory sells.  Sean was adamant about the fact that "their incentives are exactly aligned with the Brands, and if the inventory sells faster, everyone wins faster." 

Brands – Brands also win when the inventory sells. With freed up working capital, Brands can grow their business for the long-term.  Everyone is aligned to move inventory and earn profits. 

Kickfurther Team – We win when Buyers and Brands are both happy and earning money. That simple. 


5. Open and Honest

Buyers – Be open and honest with Brands and the Kickfurther team. We listen to every piece of feedback we receive. We also encourage Buyers to reach out to Brands asking them questions.

Brands – Brands who are open and honest with their Buyers are rewarded greatly. The Kickfurther community craves communication and information.  Consistent updates create transparency with Buyers and the Kickfurther team. By establishing communication, Brands create trust with the community who supported them. 

Kickfurther Team – Open and honest means that we at Kickfurther have a great deal of our community's trust and we hold that sacrosanct. As Seans says, "credibility is incredibly difficult to build and easy to destroy. We have built our credibility with our community by being transparent about how Kickfurther works and we hold that credibility to the highest standard."




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Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 19 Oct 15
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