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Spotlight on Koar: Living Life Untethered

Posted by Daniel Chen on Tuesday 07 Jun 16
How did you come to start Koar?Koar and Kickfurther
Our company was founded in 2010 with a mission to deliver consumer electronics with great design and accessible prices.  
In 2015 Koar's owner, Todd Wostrel realized he needed to take Koar a step further. Todd likes to kayak on a lake near his home. When he’s out on the water, he likes to listen to music. But—as you know—audio equipment and water don’t play well together. And the audio equipment loses! Todd’s desire for a great audio experience while out on the water enjoying clean air and sunshine led him to focus Koar on providing solid, rugged products for active lifestyles. Koar offers a line of great products so Todd—and you—can live life untethered. 
What makes you or your product business unique and how have you used that to your advantage?
Koar focuses on helping people use the best that mobile technology has to offer, while they live active lives -- untethered.

If you were to name one aspect of your product business (example: product quality, social media, trade shows) that lead to your success, what would it be and list its impact. 

We focus on delivering only high-quality products that we would want our friends and family to use because our customers are our friends and family.  As I’m sure many of our customers have also experienced, we have been often let down by a product that looks great but either lets us down right away or doesn’t last.  We think that gear should never let you down, which is why we stand behind our product quality.
Koar Kickfurther Inventory
What are you hopes for your product business for the next year?
We are very excited about the products we have in work.  While our background is providing great technology gear, we will be adding other great products that also are great for active lives.  We are embarking on a journey to provide durable gear, adding a new line of products that includes wearables, bags, and limited edition items.  While working closely with designers and manufacturers the world over, we will continue to expand our line with the same exacting standards we employ in our own lives.
Koar Kickfurther Inventory
How has crowdfinancing impacted your product business?
As a family run business, we don’t have unlimited funds that large corporations have.  But, we want to ensure that the products we provide to our customers are the best.  Crowdfinancing gives us the ability to access capital to fund our inventory purchases so that we can continue to provide the best products to our customers.

What is the largest lesson that you’ve learned on your journey as a business owner that you would share?

As small business owners, we have shared the struggles that nearly all business owners have faced.  However, we are very excited when our customers share with us how our products impacted their lives.  For us, every customer matters and when our customers let us know the impact that our company has had on their lives, it makes all the struggles we endure as small business owners worth it!


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Posted by Daniel Chen on Tuesday 07 Jun 16
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