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Posted by Savannah Williams on Wednesday 20 Jul 16
iPulse Medical has created a revolutionary product that stops menstrual pain called Livia.  Livia uses the wavelength frequency of the pain to prevent your body from registering it. The device simply attaches to your pants and with the push of a button your pain will be gone! Creator Chen Nachum gave Kickfurther insight to why she created this product. 
Livia & KickfurtherHow did you come up with the idea to create Livia
The idea behind Livia actually came from my father who developed medical patents for a living. He had many great ideas, many of which never came to fruition. After going through some of his ideas that were put on the back burner, I came across the basic concept behind Livia. I was able to make it a reality with today's advanced technology. Livia naturally seemed like the most promising product that could help countless women. From there, iPulse Medical was founded to help alleviate menstrual cramps; something that isn't quite as openly spoken about (but should have more attention), yet most women suffer from.

What was the creation process like? What were some obstacles you had to overcome? iPulse Medical and Kickfurther
The creation process was very exhausting. Creating a product from scratch was something I have never done before. My goal was to have the best possible outcome and the highest quality design. I worked with amazing people and found unusual creativity and talent. I believe Livia is such a huge success thanks to those talented people and the amazing teamwork. 
What makes your product unique from those like it (if there are any)?
There really aren't products out there like Livia. Most ways of getting rid of period pain comes in the form of pain killers which take time to kick in, and eventually ware off. Women also try to use heating pads or hot water bottles, but those don't last either. Livia is something totally natural and drug-free and can last up to 15 hours on a single charge.
What would you say is the most important aspect of your business? I.e. product quality.
For me, quality and high standards come first. Our customers should, and will only get the very best. 
IPulse Medical and Kickfurther
What are some of your business goals? Short and/or long term?
At the moment, it is super important for us to complete manufacturing and delivering the products sold on Indiegogo. We have huge marketing plans for Livia, and also plan on creating more devices from iPulse.
What would you say is the most important lesson you've learned from creating Livia and/or establishing your business? 
That things always take way longer than expected :)
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Posted by Savannah Williams on Wednesday 20 Jul 16
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