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Posted by Keeton Hayes on Wednesday 13 Jul 16

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Hugo Saavedra of Saavy Naturals. This interview was my first one done on the phone and I think it turned out wonderful. My conversation with Mr. Saavedra was about the incredible company he, his wife, and his team are building. They represent a mission driven company with the most incredible, pure, and natural body care line.

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1. How did you come to start Saavy Naturals?

Saavy Naturals was started from the concept of feeding the largest organ of the human body, your skin. As a professional chef, we know that whatever we put on our skin, will go into our body. That is how my wife and I came up with Saavy Naturals, food for your skin, a feast for your senses. Our line is completely vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and 100% natural.

 2What makes Saavy Unique?

As soon as I asked Mr. Saavedra this question, you could just hear the excitement in his voice. Mr. Saavedra said, “we are not chemist, we are chefs”. That intrigued me to get to the bottom of what he meant.  He told me that their line is more than soap and body creams, it is appealing to all senses.  Mr. Saavedra stated, “The key to being a good chef is to create the experience, by appealing to the nose, the eyes, and the touch”. He also discussed with me how unlike other soap companies, “our soap is completely handmade from the best, most natural ingredients, using incredible pure raw materials that won’t harm the environment”. I was also intrigued to learn that his products are completely Vegan.

 3. How was it being on Shark Tank, and what did you take out of it?

When asked this question, Mr. Saavedra talked about how he never though it a million years that he and his product would be on one of America’s top T.V shows. He seemed to be incredibly humbled by the experience as he described it as, “surreal just even being there”.  

 4. What do you hope to gain from working with Kickfurther?

Overall it appears as though Mr. Saavedra has huge plans for working with Kickfurther. He discussed how they needed some help on cash flow to fulfill the huge demand they are receiving because as he stated, “everyone wants this product”. He truly believes that with Kickfurther’s help, he could begin to fulfill some of the massive demand there is for his products. He discussed that raising the money on Kickfurther will help build the inventory for their upcoming Home Shopping Network appearance as well as keeping up the demand of product at stores like Whole Foods Market.


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As I look back, I feel this was a very positive interview. Mr. Saavedra shared his knowledge with me and taught me about his views in a short period of time. He discussed many different topics ranging from his personal beliefs on business to his excitement on the opportunity for his product to be in every household across the country and overseas.  Simply put, he wants everyone to have the opportunity to experience how pure and amazing the Saavy Naturals line is. When Mr. Saavedra mentioned that the entire Saavy Naturals line was handmade, from the bases, bottling, down to applying the product labels, I was awestruck.  Every single product that leaves the facility has been touched by a human. For Mr. Saavedra this is his way of keeping the American Dream alive, by bringing jobs to the United States while offering a wonderful product that all can enjoy.  I truly hope that you all find this interview as eye opening to Saavy Naturals as I did. To Mr. Saavedra, thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this interview with me. If you have any questions, please fill free to email me at Cheers!

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