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PureWOD: Cleaning Up Pre-Workout Supplements

Posted by Daniel Chen on Thursday 14 Apr 16
How did you come to start your PureWOD?
I'm a sports physician and worked on a lot of CrossFit and natural food fanatics. When recommended them products that would be also nutritious and not detrimental to performance, nothing came to mind. 
What makes you or your product business unique and how have you used that to your advantage?
We don't use any additives, fillers, and only source the highest quality, real food ingredients. This is sometimes a little more expensive, but we are truly the only line of supplements that people can be comfortable in knowing will help support their health. 
IMG_8113_copy.jpgIf you were to name one aspect of your business (example: press, social media, trade shows) that lead to your success, what would it be and list its impact. 
Word of mouth. Putting out a good product and having excellent customer service goes a long way. We strive to provide the best product and the best service and I think it shows on social media with our following. 
What are you hopes for your business for the next year?
To expand the line to five new SKUs and reach a larger audience. 
What is the largest lesson that you’ve learned on your journey as a business owner that you would share?
Consistency is key. Business is like a well. If you stop pumping, water stops running. Keep on pumping and the water will end up pouring. 
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Posted by Daniel Chen on Thursday 14 Apr 16
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