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Our Diverse User Base

Posted by Daniel Chen on Wednesday 02 Dec 15


If you remember our user survey, the results were fairly stunning. Our user base is way younger than we anticipated, but remains very diverse. The diversity is exemplified in this edition of Kickfurther Community as we highlight Ruth. 


Why We Do It

Ruth is a mother of three, a blogger, and a Redditor, which we love to see at Kickfurther. She began her alternative income career with her husband shortly after their marriage. They were invited to become clients of an investment firm where they learned the benefits of alternative opportunities. Rather than take up the offer of having someone else manage their hard earned money, they decided to do it themselves. In fact, this is part of the reason we created Kickfurther: to grant the opportunity to everyone to make money and increase their income through supporting small businesses. Aside from just earning profit on Kickfurther, Ruth said the best part is “being part of something new and helping young companies.” 


A Valued Member from the Start

As one of the earliest Kickfurther adopters, Ruth has funded 38 different Co-Ops since April of 2015. She has created a wide portfolio of different businesses and industries. With many different companies in different segments of industry offering different profit, she chose only a portion of them to fund after careful research. In order to mitigate her risk, she researches the companies by viewing their website and by "trying to determine if I think the product will sell to its intended audience."

Although she has backed 38 different Kickfurther opportunities, Ruth still keeps her overall portfolio very diversified with Kickfurther as a part of a larger plan. As one of our most active Reddit community members, Ruth contributes not only frequently but also with quality information. Her involvement in the community is highly valued and we thank her for her feedback and honesty as we grow as a company. You can hear more about her investing journey through her blog, Racing Toward Retirement.


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Posted by Daniel Chen on Wednesday 02 Dec 15
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