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Posted by Daniel Chen on Thursday 10 Mar 16

Currently involved in three startups, as well as having started multiple businesses, Jim empathizes with fellow business owners in today’s environment. As an entrepreneur himself, Jim Washok understands the pains of attempting to obtain lending. “I spread the word about Kickfurther to help businesses get the funding they need, as I have been in those shoes before as a business owner.” To date, Jim has personally reached out to over a half-dozen businesses with hopes of helping them grow with Kickfurther.

However, he’s doing more than just reaching out to them. Utilizing A/B split testing on landing pages, tracking click through rates, and being proactive on social media, Jim’s actions have resulted in well over 300 click-thru’s by businesses looking for info on new ways to obtain lending. “I’m personally disgusted with the traditional methods that disfavor small business funding. I want to help alleviate the stress and financial challenges that can threaten extinction.”

Image_1.pngPriding himself as an early adopter of tech, Jim “immediately created a Kickfurther account, and started backing fellow entrepreneurs that first day. I didn’t look too far into credibility I was just trying to figure out how it works.” As he furthered his understanding of Kickfurther, he shared it with his family. More accurately, his son asked him to share it. As an app developer with an app sold to his county school system when he was 13, Jim’s son clearly is a bit ahead of his class. Fascinated with startups and business operations, Jim and his son, Jordan, began to analyze Kickfurther offers together. Researching companies, their competition, and industry trends, the two use Kickfurther not only as a means of wealth generation, but also an educational tool for money management and business growth. Personally as an employee of Kickfurther, hearing this enthusiasm about what we are doing is extremely rewarding and motivating to improve our users’ experiences.

In Jim’s eyes, crowdfunding will be significantly and rapidly adopted by the masses, as well as business owners since, “banks have really become distrustful entities, despite tellers being trained to be warm and fuzzy. Yet, in times that we need them, they fall far short of expectations.”


Today, Kickfurther receives the largest portion of Jim’s wealth generation capital. Previously, his funds were spread between the stock market and newer equity channels. However, about a week before our interview, he pulled all of his funds from equity investing. Comparing Kickfurther to his other investment channels, Jim stated, “If you’re looking to have healthy recurring growth of your non-critical cash assets, with far less volatility, Kickfurther is well-suited to making that possible. Kickfurther provides advantages versus other new investing options.” Channels such as Lending Club and Prosper typically have terms of 3 to 5 years whereas Fundrise and Groundfloor are too new to comfortably assess. However, Jim believes Kickfurther’s "windows of 5-10 months, provides some liquidity as you typically start getting your funds back within 60-90 days. Plus, your entire principle is well diversified across dozens of inventory needs and is not at considerable risk due to being secured by inventory.”

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Posted by Daniel Chen on Thursday 10 Mar 16
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