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Kickfurther Keys: More Access to Co-Op's

Posted by Sean De Clercq on Thursday 01 Aug 19

Kickfurther Keys help increase access to upcoming Co-Ops in the face of overwhelming demand at the time of a Co-Op's official launch. These “keys” will provide Buyers with early access to fund Co-Ops many hours before they are live to everyone on the site. Though Keys are limited (see below for how and when you can acquire), we believe Keys help offset enormous demand for Co-Op access at our consistent opening time of 5PM Eastern Time while also rewarding loyal and users.


We are implementing the Keys for 2 main reasons:

1) Not everyone is readily available at 5PM Eastern Time and we want everyone that wants to partake in a Co-Op to be able to. 

2) Some of our Co-Ops have been completely funded in seconds or minutes making it hard to contribute even if you are ready on Kickfurther right at 5PM Eastern Time.



-All Buyers will start with 1 key and receive an additional 1 key per month

-You receive 1 additional for every 3 activated user referrals using your referral code. 

-You receive 1 more key for every business referral (a business referral now includes a key and the choice of $100 or 25% forward revenue for 12 months that the business generates)

-The early access funding period is available as soon as a Co-Op is put into Upcoming

-All Buyers receive an email when a Co-Op is listed into Upcoming. 

-The early access fundraising will be capped at 50% of a Co-Op

-The amount of money you can contribute with a Key is the same as when a Co-Op is live: 5% of the total fundraising amount


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Posted by Sean De Clercq on Thursday 01 Aug 19
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