Maximizing Kickfurther Beyond Lending as a Business

Posted by Daniel Chen on Friday 05 Feb 16

Kickfurther is more than just lending. It's a way to market your business to new customers and create new relationships that are rooted in seeing you succeed. With several ways to market your business on Kickfurther, this blog post breaks down each opportunity and how to take advantage of them as a funded business on Kickfurther. 

Exposure to the Kickfurther Community:

Part of getting a business listed on Kickfurther is sharing the story of the business with the Kickfurther community: a diverse group of over 5,000 people. Our tight knit community is made up of unique individuals with unique stories. We conducted a survey to find out more about our users to give more insight into who is viewing our listed businesses.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Four occupation sectors encompass over 50% of our backers: finance, programming, entrepreneurship and students.
  • Over 50% of backers are in their 20's.
  • Over 90% of backers have experience in some form of investing.

Survey_Results.pngWhat this means for our listed businesses is that each one is being exposed to for the most part, thousands of Millennials with disposable income. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by - millennials as a whole account for $200 billion dollars in buying power. Not only that, they are the most likely group to help your business grow. An article from Forbes Magazine reported: “60% said that they are often or always loyal to brands that they currently purchase.”

Kickfurther takes this behavior and takes it to the next step. When individuals contribute in a company on our platform, they are also becoming part of the success of the business.  A bond is created that is much stronger than the typical relationship created by purchasing a product alone.

Getting Featured On this Blog:

Occasionally, the Kickfurther Blog features a business that has been funded by our crowd. We find a time to learn more about the business and the story behind it. From the interview, we create a blog post which is distributed through several channels such as our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By sharing it through these mediums, we expose our featured businesses beyond the Kickfurther Community to our own social networks which total over 8,000 followers. Additionally, business owners who are interested can send a sample of a product for review by the Kickfurther staff. MarketingLand estimated that, "90% of Customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews." Getting featured also can increase a business' SEO with more pages linked to the business. To get featured on the blog, please email


Kickfurther Store:

The Kickfurther Store is a marketing asset on our platform which creates a new purchase channel for businesses. Funded businesses on Kickfuther have the option to list their products on our ecommerce site to create opportunities for sales within our community. Listing your products on Kickfurther can increase profit potential from online sales and also increase your marketing reach at a low cost - 10% from any generated sales. 


For instance, the company: Skinny Tie Madness was able to not only create contributor bonds with our community with two funded offers on Kickfurther, but also they were able to create the purchase bond with sales from the Kickfurther community.

“Kickfurther has not only provided us with funding but has also exposed our brand to hundreds of new potential customers. Several of the backers have made purchases and have shared our brand story with their friends." – Parth Sharma, CEO of Skinny Tie Madness

Backer Affiliate Stores:

Every backer on Kickfurther has the ability to create their own store and market the products of funded businesses on our platform. They can then share their store link to social their networks which further exposes your business beyond the Kickfurther community. Backers are rewarded a 5% commission for any sales that originate from their virtual stores.  Kickfurther will soon allow businesses the ability to set their own commission rates in the near future to incentivize their backers to make even more sales.


Press Opportunities: 

Additionally, several businesses are featured in press regarding Kickfurther. We give all businesses the option to provide us with quotes on their experience that we can share with writers when they come knocking.  Interested in providing a quote about Kickfurther?  Please fill out this form.



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Posted by Daniel Chen on Friday 05 Feb 16
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