Is Your Money Working for You, or Are You Working for Your Money?

Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 29 Feb 16

Here at Kickfurther, we have a huge dream. We want to make the world rich. We aim to transform the world through the power of individuals and business owners coming together to gain. On either side of Kickfurther are two major groups, users and businesses. Kickfurther wants to expand individuals’ wealth by opening opportunities that were previously unavailable. Not only is this a new opportunity for wealth creation, it is also a more profitable alternative wealth generation opportunity. Take putting your money in a savings account at a bank for example. According to CNN, “the average savings account has a measly 0.06% annual percentage yield.” Hypothetically, you put $100.00 into a savings account at the beginning of the year. At the end of the fiscal year, you gained $0.06, that's not nearly enough to counter inflation and the rising cost of living in America. 

"There's no getting around the fact that yields on savings accounts are painfully low." - CNN Money 

On the other more profitable hand, when you contribute $100.00 towards a Kickfurther offer, assuming the average 6 month, 10.00% profit on our platform, at the end of the offer, you will have an additional $10.00 in a shorter amount of time. That’s making your money work for you. There has been over $3.29 million in paybacks to date with many more to come. If you're working for your money, why not have it work for you in return.

Having your money work for you

There are several advantages to benefits of Kickfurther on top of having your money work for you. You're part of something bigger. As part of the Kickfurther community, you're helping support and develop the small business sector, a vital part of the United State economy. 

On the other side of our platform are the businesses. Supporting the dreams and passions of business owners sounds fantastic, but at the end of the day, their dreams and passions won’t stay afloat without the capital to operate. Often, their money gets stuck in solely operating which restricts their growth. By being part of the Kickfurther community, you help provide cash flow that allows businesses to free up capital that they would have spent on sourcing inventory and start growing their business to the next level. Companies can create new marketing campaigns, fund product development, or finance other key activities that contribute to their long term success with the funds from their supporters. "As a small and fairly new business, Kickfurther has been invaluable in growing our business and helping to reach our potential." - Lisa Jackson CEO of AMARA Swimwear.  

Amara Marketing on Kickfurther

Kickfurther also offers more security for the community through our business model. When you contribute to a brand on Kickfurther, you legally own the products in a consignment agreement. That means you have a chance to affect the profit you earn. If you sell the products, you earn your profit. Additionally, in the rare case that a brand fails to meet their part of the agreement, you physically own the product. 

By opening these doors for both the users and businesses to generate wealth, Kickfurther is creating opportunities to make the world rich. Let’s change the landscape of financing businesses as a community.



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Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 29 Feb 16
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