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Concurrent Co-Ops: Make Kickfurther Your Primary Source of Purchase Order and Inventory Financing!

Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 23 Jan 17

We are excited to announce the launch of our Concurrent Co-Ops program at Kickfurther. This program will include smoother processes and guidelines that will ensure you can rely on Kickfurther for consistent, rapid, and predictable purchase order and inventory financing.

1.) You can run multiple purchase order backed co-ops at the same time. 

Due to consistent requests from our top performing brands, we are excited to announce that we will now allow a business to have multiple Purchase Order backed Co-Ops on the Kickfurther platform at one time. Previously we would only allow a company to launch a new Co-Op when they had completed payment on their existing listing. With improved operational processes we can allow businesses to treat each purchase order as an individual arrangement and set up a schedule and rate of profit that makes sense for brands and users.

2.) You are no longer required to issue monthly reports and payouts based on your on Purchase Order backed Co-Ops. You can pay out the entire sum of your payouts with your purchase order revenue even if you are selling the same SKUS through other channels in the meantime. This means greater predictability and lower financing costs overall. 

Requirements: In order to be eligible for the Concurrent Co-Ops program you must :

  • Have a signed Purchase Order that Kickfurther can verify.
  • Receive Kickfurther Vendor Approval

In order to launch your Concurrent Co-Op you will need to:

  • Authorize a Purchase Order Assignment.
  • Select a Raise with a Payout Obligation less than or equal to the value of your purchase order.
  • Kickfurther Quality MAY determine that a personal guarantee is required depending on the nature of your supply chain and your overall business credibility.

While Kickfurther transitions to our new model, we will exclusively launch Co-Ops that are 100% purchase order backed. We aim to re-open our platform to non-purchase order backed Co-Ops in the coming months.

If you have any questions about the how the new policies work and their impacts, please reach out to your Brand Rep or email us at Contact@kickfurther.com.

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Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 23 Jan 17
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