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Kickfurther Announcements: Reservation System, Waitlist and Credit Card Updates

Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 10 Oct 16

Reservation System

The reservation system will now reserve your requested number of packs for 10 minutes while you take your time to enter your credit card information and verify everything looks correct upon checkout. This update should alleviate the stress of having to enter your information and checkout as quickly as possible to secure your claim. Once you see the reservation timer, you can relax and know that you have a reservation for that time period and do not have to rush your order.

On the checkout screen you will see how many packs you have reserved and for how long. If a successful reservation is made, you have 10 minutes of worry free time to checkout knowing your contribution is reserved.

The progress bar UI has also been updated to show the reservations. The light blue bar indicates the amount on reserve in the Co-Op. Co-Ops that are not filled completely dark blue indicate that space may become available for new claims.

Wait List

Now, when Co-Ops fill completely, a waitlist will activate. In every Co-Op, some credit cards get declined or fail to process for user contributions. Moving forward, we will give users with declined credit card contributions four business days to update their payment information. If the information does not get updated, then the failed contributions will be cancelled, and the wait list will open to users in chronological order. For example, if 10 packs fail to fund and need to be filled in a wait list period, the first 10 packs will be allocated to a group of users on the waitlist who will then have 24 hours to make a contribution. If they do not fill the Co-Op within the 24 hours, we open up the next cycle in the waitlist. If the waitlist is opened for you, then you will see a date when the waitlist is available for you.  A Co-Op that is eligible for a waitlist will be shown on the Funded page with a Blue “waitlist” ribbon:

Credit Card Claims Maxed at $500  

The maximum amount that can be charged to a credit card is currently $500 per transaction.  Multiple $500 transactions may be submitted.  To contribute more than $500 at a time, you can add Kickfurther Funds to your account via bank transfer or buy Kickfurther Credit via Bitcoin or credit card on your account page.


Feel free to email melissa@kickfurther.com with any questions or concerns.

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Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 10 Oct 16
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