Investing in Your Supporters

Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 08 Feb 16


Starting a business isn’t easy; it takes courage, determination, and execution. But it also takes people who love what you’re doing. Without their support and encouragement, a business cannot stand. Every sale they make, every time they shared your business, the community is helping grow the business and let the dream become reality.

Business owners are looking to give back to the community that helped them grow from just a dream to the established company they are today. Back then, the community was helping grow your business out of a passion of your vision. With Kickfurther, business owners can now reward their supporters for their past goodwill and also grow the business at the same time.

Instead of allowing banks to earn money as businesses grow, Kickfurther allows you as the business owner the opportunity to show your appreciation of your supporters. When they contribute in your company’s inventory, a new bond is created with them. They gain when you gain. They win when you win. You’ve now got a bond stronger than them just purchasing your goods or sharing your business. Now they are involved directly with your business, they want to see it succeed as much as you want it to succeed. It’s engagement with your fans and supporters that you just can’t measure.

You can also create new supporters of your company through Kickfurther. By offering backer discounts, you can generate sales through a new point of contact. Take a look at SODO Apparel, who got Bill Tai, a well reknown venture captalist from San Francisco to comment.

Bill Tai Commenting Kickfurther

Another backer commented on SODO, "I purchased one of the SLU hoodies taking advantage of the 10% off Kickfurther code. I highly recommend everyone taking advantage of this offer. Quality is superb and it is truly one of the softest pieces of clothing I've ever owned. Far better than anything I've ever purchased from UA or Nike." 

At Kickfurther, we recommend that all businesses leverage their existing supporters and explore the ability to generate new supporters through Kickfurther. Not only are you rewarding their previous support, you’re also marketing your offer to individuals who have proven they want your company to succeed. Invest in future investors, they are a huge reason of why you are here now, and where you will be in the future.


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Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 08 Feb 16
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