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Hubba Guest Post: This Serial Entrepreneur Uses Technology as Her Personal Sales Rep

Posted by Dayana Cadet on Monday 30 Apr 18

Get Into The Limelight (GITL) founder Lindsay Hirsch

For Get Into The Limelight (GITL) founder Lindsay Hirsch, her mission to grow her unique and exclusive beauty accessories Brand began just over a year ago. However, this self-described “product girl” was a one-man army.

“I know I offer the best quality and most unique products but cold calls to boutiques and retailers felt discouraging,” admits Lindsay. Not because they weren’t working – Lindsay was growing her brand slowly but surely – but that didn’t take away from the fact that cold calls and emails were both exhausting and awkward even though she believed in what she was doing.

“I knew there had to be a better way to get my products in front of the end user.”

Luckily for Lindsay, there is an increasing number of resources like Hubba & KickFurther available that are designed for the ‘makers’ out there that are trying to build something on their own, often outside of their regular nine to five. Scaling your product can be exhausting when you’re the only, or one of very few employees and aren’t an expert in everything.

Hubba works hard so you don’t have to

Pretty soon, Lindsay found herself spending a few hours a week using Hubba, a digital platform where you meet thousands of verified Buyers and sell your products.  This makes sourcing Buyers from across the country and pitching to them directly much more time efficient.

Tools like Hubba help to eliminate the daunting task of cold calling or emailing by offering a receptive audience of Buyers with a genuine interest in purchasing new and unique products. It’s a new sales channel that takes minimal effort to identify and get in motion.

Lindsay also feels that the platform offers a necessary productivity boon to an entrepreneur who has too many balls in the air as it is.

Now she has time to focus her attention towards innovating products while leveraging Hubba to do the selling. “Hubba makes the process easier and quicker, but it also gives me the confidence to pitch my Brand to buyers,” beams Lindsay.

Once she’s got her foot in the door, Lindsay can go back to being herself: focusing on creating the best possible product development experience for retailers, wholesalers, and other buyers while working on her other ventures.



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