How to Crowdfund Your Small Business

Posted by Priyanka Prakash on Thursday 14 Jul 16

This was originally posted at on July 13, 2016.


Fit Small Business recently published an article on how to crowdfund your business. Naturally the article featured Kickfurther, our recommended debt crowdfunding platform designed specifically for small businesses that need money to purchase inventory.
Kickfurther approves most B2C businesses that have done at least one production run, sell goods with a shelf life of at least one year, and have an adequate social media and online presence. As the name suggests, Kickfurther is a good starting point for additional growth after a business successfully raises money on Kickstarter or another crowdfunding site. This however is not required though.

Kickfurther allows users  to specify the profit rate that they will pay to backers and the time it will take to pay them back. Other than Kickfurther, we don’t know of any other debt crowdfunding sites where you can decide the profit rate and repayment time. The average Kickfurther brand has a 10% profit rate and is paid back in 6 months. Learn more about how to crowdfund your small business at Fit Small Business." 

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