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Posted by Sean De Clercq on Tuesday 07 Jul 15


In true Kickfurther fashion, we want to further engage you guys as our community and give you even more opportunities to grow with us. To that end we have the Kickfurther business referral program. The idea is simple, do you know a great business you’d like to support on Kickfurther? Tell them! If you do and they successfully fund an offer, we will give you a piece of the action. All you need to do is tweet a link to a business you want to see on Kickfurther. Please find instructions on how to locate your referral link as well as the rules governing the program below.

Sharing Your Link

1.) Log-in to your account or register here if you do not already have a kickfurther account 

2.) Navigate to your personal referral page, and from there select the business referral tab.

3.) You can copy your link and share it anyway you want, but we recommend email and twitter.


Terms and Conditions

1) This program is not available to any Kickfurther employee or a relative of a Kickfurther employee.
2) By sharing your business referral link you are opting in the business referral program and you agree to be bound by these rules.
3) By opting in you agree to these terms and conditions, which may be updated and amended at Kickfurther's sole discretion.
4) If a business you refer is funded you can choose between one of the following two options
4a. One time $100 Kickfurther credit
4b. 25% of forward revenue for a year applied to your account as a Kickfurther credit (e.g. if we earn $1000 from the business in the first year, you get $250)
5) The Kickfurther credit described in (4) is understood to be the total compensation for the referral and will be sent to the referring party within six weeks of the conclusion of the funding.
6) You are responsible for accurately reporting any referral earnings to the IRS. Kickfurther reserves the right to require the referring party to complete a W-9 form (a one-time requirement per fiscal year) before issuing the pending referral payment.
7) The referring party cannot be an owner, employee, or agent for the referred business.
8) In the event of conflicting referral sources, Kickfurther reserves the right to determine who receives credit for such referrals.
9) Kickfurther reserves the right to approve or reject a referred company for any reason.
10) The referred company must be new to Kickfurther and cannot have previously attempted a funding campaign with us. Acceptance of the referred company is based upon verification that the business and contact are legitimate, the business is eligible for funding via Kickfurther, the business is not - and never has been - a Kickfurther-funded business, and Kickfurther has not been actively working with the referred business prior to receiving the referral.
11) The referral expires 90 days after submission to Kickfurther unless otherwise approved by Kickfurther.
12) Kickfurther reserves the right to cancel the referral program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referring party at any time and for any reason.


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Posted by Sean De Clercq on Tuesday 07 Jul 15
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