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Earning Extra Money in College On Your Own Schedule

Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 22 Aug 16

Whether it's your first year or your last year, being in college is a full-time commitment for most. It's an expensive commitment as well. In 2015, the average cost for a public university was $24,061 and private university on average cost $47,831. For college students, the combination of the time and money invested in college makes it hard to have extra spending cash without sacrificing their focus on their education. So what are college students to do?

Making Extra Money in College

Picking up a part-time job is a common solution to this problem, but it comes at a cost to your education. One of the main lessons that is passed along to college students is balancing out your life. Adding a part-time job can take up a large portion of your time and throw that balance out of control. Luckily, with new technology and startups, there are new opportunities for college students to earn extra money online in college.

Working Part Time Online: With the advent of the internet, we’re more connected than ever. With that new ability to connect, individuals looking for a certain skill can partner with freelancers remotely. Websites such as Fiverr or Upwork allow freelancers to create accounts. These skills range from graphic design, coding, writing, etc. These online platforms are a great way for students to make some money on the side but more importantly, they can work at their own pace rather than be set to a strict schedule.

Becoming a Driver: You’ve probably already heard of, if not used, Lyft and Uber, but have you ever considered becoming a driver to earn some extra cash? This option of course is going to be limited to those who have access to a car but it offers some of the same benefits of working online including the ability to decide when you want to work.

Sell Your Art: If you’ve got artistic ability, there are several ways to earn a steady flow of income by hosting your work online. This includes forms of arts such as photography, digital art, etc. You can sell your photography or digital art based on a per download basis. Another alternative is partnering with companies such as Society6 where you sell your art to be printed on different mediums including posters, tapestries, etc. If you’ve got works of art that are selling consistently, you can see a steady flow of money come in from these options.

Partner with Brands: As we mentioned earlier, the internet has allowed more connection than ever. But it’s not just limited to individuals connecting. Now, individuals can partner with companies and be part of their success. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a great way to take part in the inception of a new brand, but they don’t help college students earn extra money. Kickfurther, a new online platform, allows individuals to take part in a brand's success and earn extra money by putting a twist on the crowdfunding model. Individuals help existing brands fund products and get paid as those products are sold.  

As new technology emerges, so too do new ways for individuals to make money online. For college students, many of these new ways allow for earning some extra money without having to dedicate a set amount of time out of their busy schedules.

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Posted by Daniel Chen on Monday 22 Aug 16
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