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Data Driven Analysis: The Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies in Boulder

Posted by Marco Vienna on Friday 15 Jul 16

Amongst thousands of other tools and lists, Mattermark has an ongoing tally of the fastest growing companies in a myriad of cities. Mattermark's rankings are all data driven, which create both a Mindshare and Growth Score

The Mindshare Score is calculated by tracking four key metrics and measuring how they change over time. These metrics are estimated web traffic, estimated mobile app downloads, inbound links from other websites and social followers. This score is measured weekly and averaged over time.

The Growth Score is described as a "secret sauce" on the Mattermark site. However, they disclose that it is a combination of employee count growth, estimated monthly unique visitors, total funding, most recent round of funding, as well as the Mindshare Score. These data points are weighted in some manner and are calculated over a four week rolling average.

Now for the fun part. The Top Ten:


1) Techstars

Growth Score: 1235

Mindshare Score: 319


This is what happens when you put Brad Feld, David Cohen, Jared Polis and David Brown on the same team. Techstars is one of most well know accelerator programs in the world. Techstars is also responsible for the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), which was launched in conjunction with the Startup America Partnership that I participated in last summer and cannot advocate enough.


2) Sphero

Growth Score: 865

Mindshare Score: 527


Sphero is most well-known for its B-88 Droid that was made famous during the Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. This is no surprise as Disney was part of Sphero's $45M raise that Foundry also participated in. Sean De Clercq, our CEO at Kickfurther, competed with Sphero on Richard Branson's island as part of the Extreme Tech Challenge. Sphero is also a Techstars company!


3) LogRhythm

Growth Score: 807

Mindshare Score: 279


Security is by far the most undervalued sector of business, period. LogRhythm is a world leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Their clients consist of NASA, Amtrak, Macy's, Raytheon and the U.S. Air Force. I would not be surprised if you hear LogRhythm's name more often in the security sector amongst the likes of Lockheed Martin and Cisco in years to come.


4) Kickfurther

Growth Score: 650

Mindshare Score: 588


I am definitely biased here, however, I am not one who calculated the rankings. Kickfurther launched only 1.5 years ago after graduating from the Boomtown accelerator. With Kickfurther, anyone can help grow brands they believe in and share in their success. Users earn impressive amounts of money (30% annualized on average) by working with brands and helping increase their sales.


5) Teamsnap

Growth Score: 561

Mindshare Score: 472


I first heard of TeamSnap when meeting with one of their investors from the Colorado Impact Fund (CIF). This is important to mention because CIF's investment strategy it to create positive community outcomes. According to CIF, "TeamSnap facilitates active and healthy lifestyles by promoting participation in athletics, especially among youth... Nine million coaches, parents, team managers and players use TeamSnap’s web and mobile apps." Impressive.


Mandatory mentions: Shinesty at 6th (they just finished a raise on Kickfurther), SendGrid at 8th (shoutout Tony Blank), Augur at 10th (shoutout Paul Foley and Nawar Alsafar), VictorOps at 21st (shoutout Hannah Klemme), JumpCloud at 25th (shoutout Olivia Cole), Boomtown at 45th (shoutout Jose Vieitez and their whole team), Bitsbox at 50th (fellow cohort company from Boomtown) and OpenSnow at 57th (they provide my snow forecasts - much love).

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Posted by Marco Vienna on Friday 15 Jul 16
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