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Credit Card Policy Changes

Posted by Sean De Clercq on Friday 01 Dec 17

Kickfurther is simplifying the use of credit cards by allowing them to be used only at the claim checkout page. In addition we are raising the credit card limit at the checkout page from $500 to $1500.

If Kickfurther or the business cancels the Co-Op prior to it fully funding or the Co-Op does not reach its funding goal, the amount charged by credit card will be refunded back to your Kickfurther account in the form of KF Credit. This will enable you to apply the funds to the newly relaunched Co-Op or a different Co-Op without waiting 5-10 days for your credit card to be refunded. However, if you prefer, you can also request that your claim be refunded back to your credit card. A notification will be sent to your account and a new acknowledgement opt-in will appear during checkout when this change is implemented.

Posted by Sean De Clercq on Friday 01 Dec 17
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