Craftsman & Guotai U.S.A: A Spotlight

Posted by Keeton Hayes on Thursday 21 Jul 16

Guotai and Kickfurther

What is the relation between Guotai U.S.A, and Craftsman?

Craftsman is an American known brand, owned by Sears, with more than 80 product categories containing over 6,000 different products. Craftsman has been sold in Sears' stores since 1927. Guotai USA produces the Workwear product line under the Craftsman brand using Teflon technology which repels water, oil, dirt, etc. We also assist in design and continuously present new styles.

How did this form?

This formed as a subsidiary of a large production house; Sears relies on us to fulfill all of the production. Our design skills combined with our knowledge of Teflon integration in garments, makes us a great fit for Sears. We inherited the program and the team a year ago. The team came from a company that had been working with this program for almost a decade.

What challenges do you have in working with Craftsman?

As some styles are in replenishment, there are unexpected reorders that are needed in a timely manner. This is one of the reasons why we are shifting parts of the production from China to Mexico, in order to increase production speed and to shorten delivery time.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is the Craftsman club.  The Craftsman club has millions of members that visit Sears regularly for Workwear items.

What is your favorite Craftsman product that you are funding through Kickfurther?

Craftsman Men's Ripstop Utility Pants with Teflon™ - The pants are great for Workwear, but they are also fashionable. The Teflon technology used to repel water, oil, and dirt is amazing.

Guotai and Craftsman Partnership

What are your goals for Craftsman?

Our goal is to continue to steadily grow the program and add more items. We introduce new designs every season that we believe are relevant and hope that they are added to the Craftsman collection.


How do you believe Kickfurther will help you reach those goals?

Additional financing will be needed as the program is growing.  Also with KF, we have more flexibility in terms of the vendor base, this allows us to shift production to the most efficient vendors.


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This interview gave me the opportunity to talk to a representative of Guotai U.S.A (Mr. Cohen) and learn more about how they are working with Craftsman. Mr. Cohen gave me some insight on how the relationship formed between Guotai U.S.A and Craftsman. I was surprised to find out that Craftsman is a Sears Company and that Guotai produces the inventory under the brand name Craftsman for Sears. The most surprising part of this though was how Guotai has influence within the brand to be able to assist in designing new styles. Mr. Cohen also took the time to tell us about his favorite product being funded through Kickfurther. I really enjoyed how he touched upon the Teflon technology that makes Craftsman such an effective brand for workwear. Lastly, I admire how Guotai is shifting the production from China to Mexico in order to increase productivity. Here at Kickfurther we wish Mr. Cohen and Guotai U.S.A, the best of luck and thank him for taking the time to do this interview. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Here is a link that contains a few dollars when you create an account to go on our platform and browse. Cheers!

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