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Sean De Clercq

CEO of Kickfurther in Boulder, CO.

Recent Posts

Kickfurther CEO Sean De Clercq Interviewed on Retail Summit Live - How to CrowdFund Your Purchase Orders

Sean De Clercq Monday 19 Feb 18

Credit Card Policy Changes

Sean De Clercq Friday 01 Dec 17

Inventory Inspection Payouts Corroborated by Third-Party In-Person Inspections

Sean De Clercq Tuesday 26 Sep 17

Announcing Kickfurther Inventory Inspection (II) Co-Ops

Sean De Clercq Wednesday 20 Sep 17

Inventory Visibility Payouts Tied to SKU specific 3rd Party Verified Inventory Levels

Sean De Clercq Friday 08 Sep 17

Announcing Kickfurther Inventory Visibility(IV) Co-Ops

Sean De Clercq Friday 08 Sep 17

Exciting Kickfurther Update for 2017

Sean De Clercq Monday 30 Jan 17

Kickfurther vs. Accounts Recievables Factoring

Sean De Clercq Wednesday 14 Sep 16

Kickfurther Update: Our New "Packs" Explained

Sean De Clercq Tuesday 21 Jun 16
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