Announcing New Company Profile Pages

Posted by Jessica Buller on Thursday 14 Jul 16

Kickfurther businesses now have company profiles instead of just Co-Op pages. These profiles are a place for our Kickfurther buyers to view information about a business at all times - even when a Co-Op is not live.  Company profile pages will house every Co-Op a business has done on Kickfurther for easy historical reference on a business' Kickfurther performance.  Company profiles also provide our buyers with a place to stay up to date on our Kickfurther businesses.


Aspects of Company Profiles

After a Co-Op completes, buyers have the option to rate the business' performance.  Our new company profile pages will show reviews for all Co-Ops from a business.


Company profiles will also house all products available for purchase from that business in our Kickfurther Store.  View a companies' available products under "Product Collection" in a profile page.


Company profiles will also show every Co-Op a business has done on Kickfurther.  




What action do I need to take to perfect my company profile?

Stay personable with users by uploading a profile image and by maintaining the available products on your page.  



Feel free to email with any questions or feedback.

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Posted by Jessica Buller on Thursday 14 Jul 16
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