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Announcing Business Dashboard Updates

Posted by Jessica Buller on Thursday 14 Jul 16

We recently updated the business dashboard.  This is the first iteration of the new business dashboard.  The following blog post highlights some of the new changes.


Login to your new Kickfurther business account to view the new business dashboard.  This is where you can see general information about your Kickfurther business profile including your payout balance, number of referrels, total followers, products and more.  You can also draft a new Co-Op.

Current Co-Op & How to Post a Buyer Comment 

From here a business can view details about a live Kickfurther Co-Op, view details about their Kickfurther Store listings and they can also communicate with their buyers and view comments. Scroll down to see the details of your Co-Op, your payment schedule and payout summary.  To view comments from buyers or the public, click "Buyer Comments" and "Public Comments."  


Make A Payout

Businesses can click here to make a payout for their buyers. Scroll down to "Breakdown" and simply enter in the units sold to date.  Doing this will autopopulate the amount owed to your buyers based on your sales.  To complete the payout click "Make a Payment."  


Bank account not linked?  Please click on settings to link your bank account to make an electronic payment.

Past Co-Ops

Click on "Past Co-Ops" to communicate with the buyers of previous Co-Ops.  Businesses can also use this area to view details about their prior Co-Ops.


From here a business can view their transaction history.  A business can also search for specific transactions and filter by transaction type.


Refer a fellow business owner to Kickfurther and earn 25% forward revenue for one year.  From here you can also gift Kickfurther Credit by clicking on the "Gift" tab.

Edit Profile

Click here to edit your Kickfurther company profile.  Kickfurther company profiles house general information about a business and also house all Kickfurther Co-Ops for that business.


Click on "Settings" to change your password, customize your notifications, save your credit card and link your bank account.  To link your bank account click on the "Banking" tab. 


Please email any feedback and questions to contact@kickfurther.com

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Posted by Jessica Buller on Thursday 14 Jul 16
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