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Announcing a New Backer Referral Contest!

Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 07 Mar 16

I am excited to announce our new Kickfurther referral contest for users!  This contest will reward the users with the most referred active users each week plus there will be a special prize for the overall month winners.  Active users are user that have made at least one claim on Kickfurther.  View the standings of the contest in the Referral tab of your Kickfurther account.



The contest will start today, March 7th, 2016 and end June 1st, 2016. We will have weekly winners based on referrals activated Monday through Sunday.  The overall winners for the month of March will be selected based on activated referrals between today March 7th and March 31st.

Contest Prizes

Weekly Winner 1st Place:  $50 Kickfurther Credit 

Weekly Winner 2nd Place: $20 Kickfurther Credit 

Weekly Winner 3rd Place: $10 Kickfurther Credit 

Monthly Winner 1st Place: $200 Kickfurther Credit plus a Kickfurther Key

Monthly Winner 2nd Place: $100 Kickfurther Credit 

Read more about Kickfurther Keys here.

Referral Contest Rules

Encourage the people you know to create an account and back an offer on Kickfurther. The winners will be the users who have convinced the most people to put money into an offer.

1.  Log-in or create an account on Kickfurther

2.  Share the referral link accessible from the Referral Tab in your account page. Be sure to use your referral link so we can make sure that we properly credit you!


3.  Persuade your friends to back a business.


Terms and Conditions

1) This program is not available to any Kickfurther employee or a relative of a Kickfurther employee.

2) User must opt in and agree to have their username and number of referrals/sales publicly listed.

3) By opting in you agree to these terms and conditions, which may be updated and amended at Kickfurther's sole discretion.

4) Rewards must be claimed within 60 days of winning and can be claimed as one of the following

4a. Kickfurther Credit

4b. Kickfurther Store Credit

5) The reward described in (4) is understood to be the total compensation for the referral and will be reflected in the referring party’s Kickfurther account within six weeks of the conclusion of March 31, 2016.

6) You are responsible for accurately reporting any referral earnings to the IRS. Kickfurther reserves the right to require the referring party to complete a W-9 form (a one-time requirement per fiscal year) before issuing the pending referral payment.

8) In the event of conflicting referral sources, Kickfurther reserves the right to determine who receives credit for such referrals.

9) Kickfurther reserves the right to approve or reject a referred party for any reason.

10) The referred party must be new to Kickfurther and cannot have an existing or alternative Kickfurther account. Acceptance of the referred party is based upon the premise that contact is legitimate and eligible to use Kickfurther based on our Terms and Conditions.

12) Kickfurther reserves the right to cancel the referral program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referring party at any time and for any reason. 

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Posted by Melissa Pillion on Monday 07 Mar 16
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